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British Bikes / A65 68-70 front hub spindle conundrum, 55 Goldie
« on: November 14, 2017, 09:04:30 PM »
Hi All,
I apologise for these posts. I'm not a BSA man, so I'm in the dark just now.
The bike came fitted with an A65 f/hub, and as I said previously, a spindle which have I discovered on doing a bit of reading, is a 7" brake hub spindle. The B forks l/h thread screw in one.
I tried to take off the A65 brake plate and could not. Backed off the retaining nut and gave it a few bumps with a plastic mallet. Nothing. Heated the plate, WD40, and bumped again . Nothing moved. I could waggle the b/plate a bit on the sleeve.
Came in and looked at Draganfly's exploded views. Then I noticed these hubs were only used for 3 years, and that they have solid "retained in hub" spindles.
So, has this hub had a hollow sleeve to accept the old screw-in spindle made and fitted, to fit B model forks or is there a BSA fitted with what I describe. AND, how do I get the damned b/plate off without damage.
Regards,   Ken

Hi all,
I wonder if anyone can help with the dimensions of the 8" single-sided hub spindle, and the between bearings in-hub spacer.
The spindle which came with the bike, which had a A65 hub fitted, I have discovered, is for a 7" hub.
I got out the 8" hub I bought a couple of years ago to check, had a look into the spindle annular space and, no spacer. It has had new bearing retainers fitted, so quite an oversight.
The later spindle, the popular one,  would be 9" long, with a minor dia. of 11/16", lh threaded section 9/16". The main section, the larger dia., is 7/8" but for what length.  The spacer, I have no idea of any of it just now.
Any help gratefully received.
Thanks,  Ken.

British Bikes / 55' 350 Goldie wheel spokes question.
« on: November 05, 2017, 09:40:50 PM »
Hi All, just joined the forum a couple of weeks ago.
I'm usually just a reader. To the matter in hand, I have had this Goldie for a fair number of years, in boxes.
Had the frame blasted and I then painted it. Then we moved house, had to build a garage, etc, renovate house, so it stayed in the boxes. Anyway, have now started on it.
I cut out a couple of spokes since I need to rebuild the wheels, it has the later conical ? hub laced in, A65 ? It was a bit of a cafe racer, and I am going back to the 8" hub. It has a Dunlop WM 1 alloy f/rim. Now, when I took out the bit of spoke and nipple, it had a cup washer between the rim and the underside of the nipple head. Very narrow, more like the outer periphery of a cup. I have never seen this, or heard of it before. Something to do with spoke movement, or corrosion.  Any thoughts.

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