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The Classic Biker Bar / Needle in a Haystack?
« on: September 10, 2018, 09:43:27 AM »
This is an extremely longshot, but who knows what may turn up?
Back in 2001, a friend in Oz (who I've lost touch with - why do people change their email address when it's the only contact detail you have? Are they trying to tell me something?) placed an advert for me in one or more Oz motorcycling magazines. I was interested in tracing owners of a particular New Hudson model range from the early 30s. One reply was forwarded on to me, from a Colin D Hutton, who at the time had an email address of Colin had the remains of a couple of bikes slightly earlier than the model range I was interested in, so other than exchanging pleasantries, it fizzled out.
Turn the clock on 13 years, and guess what - I bought 2 incomplete projects of the same type as Colin had! I've tried to locate Colin a few times over the last 4 years with no success. I notice that a goodly proportion of the crowd on here are out in Oz, and wondered if any of you might know of Colin, if he's still around and how I can contact him?
I know Oz in a massive place, but there's only a 1/3 of you compared to the overcrowded UK, so I'm sure you'll all know each other  ;)
New Hudsons prior to 1934 are thin on the ground to start off with, but as soon as you start looking at a particular model, the numbers drop off a cliff!
Cheers Keith

Autojumble / Early Enfield v twin forks etc
« on: July 06, 2017, 05:14:46 PM »
Hi everyone.

This is a long shot........

I have a couple of really early Enfields, one complete/roadworthy, the other an incomplete project (see at
Both 1912, largely same cycle parts but different engines.
I bought the runner to help me with the restoration of the prototype/racer.
The prototype came with a set of fork legs, and I knew I needed to source/make the rest.
Now that I've compared the fork legs closely, and visited the Birmingham (UK) museum, I find the fork legs that came with the project are for a 425cc 3hp twin!

Hence I'm looking for a swop (or buy if anyone has a surplus set).
The fork legs I have are possibly new old stock, and fit the larger tyre size of the 3hp twin (I'm definitely NOT looking to sell them).

If all else fails, I may be able to cut and shut the 3hp forks, but I'd rather try all options before I resort to that.

Whilst I'm on, might as well see if anyone has bits of the 425cc 3hp engine spare? The project is a 345cc forerunner of the 425cc v twin, same stroke but smaller bore.
I'm missing some of the valve gear, should imagine that will all be the same as the 425cc kit. May take a complete engine if one turns up.

Come on, somebody surprise me...........

Autojumble / New Hudson 1930 500cc model 86
« on: October 09, 2012, 04:19:55 PM »
Hi, recently bought the above project bike that is short of a few bits, but has some spares for trade.
I need (for starters):
Correct Webb front forks
1930 petrol tank
Rear stand
can offer as swops
1929 petrol tank
Druid front forks
1927-8 engine (non dry sump)
May have few other bits if you've got what I want.
Cheers Keith

Autojumble / Burman 4 speed hand change gearbox
« on: August 22, 2012, 09:05:54 AM »
Hi, first post, so hoping all goes well.

I'm looking for the attached gearbox, a Burman 4 speed hand change from 1932 or thereabouts.
It was made in 2 versions, pivotal mountings and (as the one in the photo) sliding horizontal mountings.
They were fitted to New Hudsons, OK Supremes and Calthorpes.
I have a Burman parts list if anyone wants a scanned copy.
Can anyone help, even a horiz mount case would help.
Cheers Keith

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