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Autojumble / Early Enfield v twin forks etc
« on: July 06, 2017, 05:14:46 PM »
Hi everyone.

This is a long shot........

I have a couple of really early Enfields, one complete/roadworthy, the other an incomplete project (see at
Both 1912, largely same cycle parts but different engines.
I bought the runner to help me with the restoration of the prototype/racer.
The prototype came with a set of fork legs, and I knew I needed to source/make the rest.
Now that I've compared the fork legs closely, and visited the Birmingham (UK) museum, I find the fork legs that came with the project are for a 425cc 3hp twin!

Hence I'm looking for a swop (or buy if anyone has a surplus set).
The fork legs I have are possibly new old stock, and fit the larger tyre size of the 3hp twin (I'm definitely NOT looking to sell them).

If all else fails, I may be able to cut and shut the 3hp forks, but I'd rather try all options before I resort to that.

Whilst I'm on, might as well see if anyone has bits of the 425cc 3hp engine spare? The project is a 345cc forerunner of the 425cc v twin, same stroke but smaller bore.
I'm missing some of the valve gear, should imagine that will all be the same as the 425cc kit. May take a complete engine if one turns up.

Come on, somebody surprise me...........

Autojumble / New Hudson 1930 500cc model 86
« on: October 09, 2012, 04:19:55 PM »
Hi, recently bought the above project bike that is short of a few bits, but has some spares for trade.
I need (for starters):
Correct Webb front forks
1930 petrol tank
Rear stand
can offer as swops
1929 petrol tank
Druid front forks
1927-8 engine (non dry sump)
May have few other bits if you've got what I want.
Cheers Keith

Autojumble / Burman 4 speed hand change gearbox
« on: August 22, 2012, 09:05:54 AM »
Hi, first post, so hoping all goes well.

I'm looking for the attached gearbox, a Burman 4 speed hand change from 1932 or thereabouts.
It was made in 2 versions, pivotal mountings and (as the one in the photo) sliding horizontal mountings.
They were fitted to New Hudsons, OK Supremes and Calthorpes.
I have a Burman parts list if anyone wants a scanned copy.
Can anyone help, even a horiz mount case would help.
Cheers Keith

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