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Hi All,
Bas**rd 2 strokes !!!
I spent several hours earlier today trying to get a 2 stroke strimmer to start   :P :P
I tried all the usual tricks, hot plug, cleaned carb a few times, new plug, repeat adinfinitum  ::)
Eventually I removed the drive that revealed a square socket that takes the flexy cable
I milled a suitable square section at one end of a piece of 10mm round bar,
put the other end in a drill chuck, and spun it
I could hear it attempting to fire every so often but kept spinning it adjusting throttle and choke until after about 5 minutes it ran on its own
The bast**d then settled down to a nice tick over and started on the pull cord every time after that ???
I remember back when I worked part time at a local garage during school holidays some rebuilt engines were
very difficult to start for the first time after refitting them
2 or 3 batteries or tow them up and down the roadway till they sputterred into life, and then they would fire up easily every time after that ::)

Enough rambling

Hi All
I do not think the condition of the remains of the original bronze crank (sealing) bush will matter as the ball bearing supports the crank ? leave it in or remove it ??


Autojumble / Re: 1920 Douglas front hub or wheel wanted
« on: April 29, 2018, 09:02:41 PM »
Paul Milner had quite a lot of Douglas bits on ebay recently,  thecrocodile25
Might be worth asking him??


British Bikes / Re: V2 Matchless
« on: April 11, 2018, 06:05:27 PM »
Hi Rex,
Initial request from barrumundi
Hi, Does anyone know where I can source the roller type cam follower arms for a V2 Matchless

Which is why I mentioned Indian cam followers


Hi Carlos,
This is what you need

57-1381 - OIL SEALING PLATE Pre-unit

This fits inside the spring clip shown in your photo


British Bikes / Re: V2 Matchless
« on: April 09, 2018, 10:39:55 PM »
Hi Doug,
What diameter and width are the rollers?
You can buy a rebuild kit for Indian engine followers
Speedway Services should have JAP rollers
A lot of modern car engines have reverted to using roller followers
Last option is have some made


Hi Terrot,
Am I seeing things or dreaming ?
The port in the centre of the photo above looks almost blocked??

As to sealing the crankcase, one or two possibilities
Some re machining of the magneto side case to add a thick disc fixed to the machined up face by some screws/sealant, the disc would house a normal lipped seal

There are companies like this one (that's local to me) who can produce special seals that would fit instead of the bronze scroll,
The special seals are very reasonably priced, I got some made to keep the gear oil from flowing into the clutch
on a couple of Indian Chief's, I seem to remember the smallest "section" seal is 3-4 mm

Or fit a double rubber sealed bearing on that side??? leave the seals in place


Identify these bikes! / Re: Does anyone know what bike this is?
« on: April 08, 2018, 02:16:27 PM »
Hi All,
There's a "similar" looking frame in this ebay listing
It has very similar  bolt lug under the steering head an the tapped holes at the rear of the cast gearbox lug /lower rail, and what looks like the same type of tank mounts ????


Hi Terrot,
The timing marks on the static and flywheel parts were in line, the engine was 5mm Before TDC, points @ 0.4mm
This is incorrect!
At 5mmbefore TDC the points should be just separating not .4mm which will be the maximum gap later in the rotation

If it was broken, what effect would that have in the short term?
It stops erosion of the point's contacts and not much else?

The capacitor or condenser is critical to ignition,
It absorbs the current from the collapsing magnetic field in the coil core, This prevents arcing on the points
If the points arc the current continues to flow through the arc, so the magnetic collapse time is longer and the transformer effect in the coil is lessened to a detrimental degree

Old condensers or capacitors degrade with time , so a NOS one is not a good idea,
If a new capacitor will not fit inside the flywheel , simply run a wire from the points connection to outside and fit it somewhere convenient,
A lot of modern replacement condensers are poor quality
have a read here

and here


Hi Terrot and All
Just a further thought?
When started you say that there's lots of smoke even with the new fuel ?
Try removing the silencer as it may be blocked up , ?
Some years ago I was given a 2 stroke genny that would not start, exhaust 99% blocked so the engine could not suck in any fuel/air


re set the flywheel to the crank yet again.
Maybe I am misunderstanding the above?
The flywheel position needs to be set with regard to the piston position
I would aim for less advance than you have been setting at 2-3mm points just opening
Points gap is not critical but the position of the magnets on the poles of the ignition coil when the points just open
is, (as already mentioned)
You can experiment with various settings and set up a spark gap from plug lead to frame/engine to see where the strongest spark occurs

a million hard kick starts nothing happened.

I have started reluctant engines by using an electric drill with a socket adaptor that fits the flywheel nut
(provided it doesn't undo the nut  ::))


Hi Terrotmt1
Is the fuel "new" and not been sitting there for the last months?


Identify these bikes! / Re: Please help with the make of this bike
« on: February 20, 2018, 08:12:56 PM »
Hi All,
Aha!! I saw a similar model at a show in Dublin a while ago, but did not remember it until reminded by Leon  ???

The registration "HI" is from Tipperary South,
Tipperary County was split into North and South "ridings" each having its own registration series
This continued up until 2014 would you believe  :o


British Bikes / Re: Norton 16H. Wrong gear lever?
« on: February 16, 2018, 12:03:55 AM »
Hi Tidyrob69 and All
Any wear in the clevis pins and linkages will make the gear change sloppy and cause missed gears
I can see a gap between pin and clevis in the photo's
Sort those out and the gear change will be as good as possible


British Bikes / Re: Massey & Massey Arran motorcycles
« on: February 03, 2018, 09:35:14 PM »
Hi Leon,
The ohv V twins are a thing of beauty,
I have never see one in the metal though, I met a Man from Austria who said there is one in a Museum over there
I seem to remember reading about some make of motorcycle using one for the TT in the mid 20's ???

I had saved a couple of pics of Blackburne ohv V twin (Tomtit) and 3 cyl radial (Thrush) engines intended for light aircraft. The engines intended for aero use have steel cylinders
There's some video on You tube of a Chater Lea  cycle car with a v twin Blackburne aero engine fitted


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