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British Bikes / Re: V2 Matchless
« on: April 10, 2018, 12:03:41 PM »
Yes I have long noticed that down under has a store of bikes not often seen here. I suppose not having to battle with rust helped.

Plus the amount of bikes that went into the melting pots in 1939/40 or the great MOT  clearance drive of the 1960s got rid of 1000s of bikes that these days would be worth a bomb.

In that case whats going on in those ports? because they don't look at all good to me.

Whats the bore diameter? is it per spec sheet? It would not surprise me if its been bored out too far or maybe even a cylinder for something smaller has been bored out.

I have seen examples of 1950s French peasant bodgery, nothing is beyond them. I am convinced that is likely where your problem is; teh bike was never manufactured to space age tolerances, and its well known that two strokes run best when knackered.
Can you not send a pic to the Terrot club of those ports? Or maybe one of the dealers you have bought from for an opinion?

I did a bit of search on ebay france, found this cylinder with good shot of the ports, not the same as yours exactly but just look at the finish of those ports

British Bikes / Re: V2 Matchless
« on: April 09, 2018, 03:49:04 PM »
It's nice the faith and hope  from overseas that the UK is knee deep in off the shelf  parts for older bikes. If only it was any more.  In 50+ years of playing around with Matchless I can't recall seeing a V2 in the flesh.

That's a reflective comment not sarcasm or  whatever anyone wants to read into it.

Its ironic that with all your obsession with ignition timing it may well be the port timing that is the problem?

Maybe that its a Dud replacement part has been fitted somewhere along the line and the damn thing never run since?

The paraffin soak is not up to clearing really hard old carbon, but that looks like metal in those ports.

I agree those ports look bunged up.

chuck it into a bucket of hot caustic soda and see what its like after.

But you have done that so many times already, over and over again.

It's upsetting me because I have run out of sarcasm now:o

Put a cap on it and cut your loses.  There's a boat near you needs  an  anchor.


Feel free to bid on any one of them, just don't tell us!

 ze frog zey have ze chatback answer.

If a two stroke four strokes it is generally because its got too much fuel.

It be a bugger if when you do get it running it will be doing that lovely two stroke trick of running backwards!!!!

Bigger pity is a French man emailed to buy the bike! Typical.

The lord moves in mysterious ways, [so I am told] get shot of it quick!!

Then again yesterdays date might be a clue, its a poisson d'avril over there.

who the phuk is Colin?

Take it to the top of the steepest hill you can find, drop it into second and force the bugger to run.

Many happy returns for tomorrow,,Boy ;) ;) ;D ;D ;D ;D ...........April fools day too :o

mind you, at 66 you should have learned when to admit defeat.?

If its any help this guy can't get his engine to start either.

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