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British Bikes / Re: Norton plunger suspension seized.
« on: March 29, 2018, 05:11:41 PM »
Can you get a new spindle? In that case I'd  just cut right through the damn thing with an angle grinder.

I once dropped one of these bikes  on my foot, hence lost all my interest in plunger Nortons >:(

#1 it is "a bad 2 stoke of old"
#2 it is a 60 year old french workmans machine, it will never run like a sophisticated modern two stroke.
#3 why not fit a reed valve to the inlet?

####3 ;D ;D ;D ;D

British Bikes / Re: Norton 16H. Wrong gear lever?
« on: March 27, 2018, 08:35:54 PM »
Far in excess,if its the same as a Brough gearbox........add as many 0s as necessary.....I remember havin a S/A box for sale at a swap meet,a guy offered me some paltry sum.....he also had a SS100 on display there.......I said .....Your broungh is worth 30,000....that means this box is worth about 10% of that....3000.....take it or leave it.....The dearer the bike,the more miserable the owner.

Don't get me started on such a subject, I have several bottles worth of tales of that ilk; Certain Makes are notorious for their tight wad owners; Vincents at the top, Velocettes 2nd.
At jumbles Vincent spares need to be nailed down or they get nicked.

I did get my revenge on Vincent spares after I quit the trade, very sweet, too long for here and on Velocettes by exporting every OHC part I could lay my hands on to France where a guy took all I could send, no arguments.

Brough owners in the main deserve all they get, I was once conned out of 4 heavyweight SA boxes but count it as a lesson learned, I must have had around 6/7 Broughs through my hands when in the trade, a pain to sell in the 1970s and as for getting paid for work done........ one guy I asked to meet me at the Chelsea bridge tea stall, because if he didn't pay my bill I was going to heave his SS100 into the Thames, he paid.

The clue is in the name Villiers, I doubt they'll want to know.

A classic restorer? no one worthy of the name will touch it, short of letting them have access to your bank account. I speak as one who used to be. After all, bluntly speaking, you want it sorted not restored, and its not a classic,not by any means.

"my mate has serviced it and it won't go can you fix it" I still have nightmares about such phrases.

I only ever worked on old British bikes, yet the number of times I'd get some fool with a  broken FS1E or similar shit come in and then get the hump when I refused; one idiot even brought his Dad round, the big sign on the door said "Vintage British motorcycles only catered for." yet still they came..... >:(

you need a 6v battery and coil, wire it through the existing points.

After following your saga I am doubting if either of the items you chop and change really are the problem. No amount of fidgeting with ignition timing will sort it.

Now you know why old gits like me get so ratty when old french bikes :'( come on here.

You could always fit a generic chinese engine or even a Villiers?

Have you set the tappets?

Why don't you just rig up a battery and coil  through the points and eliminate 50% of your suspects?


If I remember correctly these ancient two strokes were not meant to tick over, might be wrong.
For oiling reasons I think, has your plug oiled?

When I were a lad and just started I was told two strokes go best flat out and worn out, or buggered as the bloke said.

Your rosette is canceled :'(

He gets the  perseverance prize though for sure. ;D

And a rosette from me for not being thin skinned. ;D ;D ;D

You do not mention turning the engine BACKWARDS to find TDC?
really you should bring the piston up to the 5mm mark.

Ignore me if thats what you have done :)

European and Other Bikes / Re: Lucer Ak3 grand sport
« on: March 23, 2018, 08:51:55 AM »
A sense of humour lad, goes a long way.

Blood pressure is under control, so Op booked.

I sold the hotel and am now working for DSS because of my capacity for compassion ;D

British Bikes / Re: Norton 16H. Wrong gear lever?
« on: March 22, 2018, 10:06:13 PM »
I'd have thought that early box would have a value in excess of a WD16H one?

British Bikes / Re: Norton plunger suspension seized.
« on: March 22, 2018, 10:04:04 PM »
Diesel is a better penetrant in these cases than oil, patience is needed.

As for heat, a  Black and Decker hot air gun should provide enough encouragement to  the alloy to get the diesel seeping through. It is best to have some kind of baffle behind to direct heat back.

European and Other Bikes / Re: Lucer Ak3 grand sport
« on: March 22, 2018, 06:38:08 PM »
 ;D ;D

I've been on bikes for 55 years now, would not change one minute of my motorcycling. Apart from the sheer fun of riding,it got me a ace wife, 40yrs and still arguing, a business, some really good mates.

I have always encouraged lads into motorcycling, as I tell them its the most fun you can have with your clothes on, and cheaper and often less grief as you can easily junk the dud ones.

My problem is, I have seen so many promising lads put off bikes  for life because they were sold a pup which cost a fortune in repairs, no one restored anything after 1930 back then; or they bought something totally unsuitable, or got bad advice from some cackhanded "expert". All those poor saps that bought Pride and Clarkes specials for instance, Pannonias, TWN, Guzzi Lodolas, CZ and found they could not get spares or service and the seller did not give a toss.

Put off for life they were. I see danger of it being repeated with Kempton Park specials. It's the hard blunt truth that these are not suitable for beginners to start with, plenty of old tat British two strokes about instead. Unsellable, sometimes un-insurable, totally unsuited for the roads except for Buzzing club runs and the like, so you get stuck with them.

The French don't want to help,they hate us anyway; I was member of the Motobecane club, the biggest in France, getting anything out of them was like drawing teeth. I used to go back and forth a lot so bought my stuff at jumbles there, where they are happy to take our money. Advice? forget it. Spares? not from private people, as I said, is ok but postage rates especially for parts outside of France varies considerably, often depending on the post master/mistress.

Motorcycles are great, restoring them is mostly a lot of fun and learning, riding them is great, but don't start on a Kempton special.

Looking for fellow owners is naive its probably the only one in the UK.

If Tony wants any help with French terms or sites I can help, don't expect song and dance and pretty things. I bought my experience hard.

European and Other Bikes / Re: Lucer Ak3 grand sport
« on: March 22, 2018, 04:03:04 PM »
Thanks Ian, I can manage about 600yds max these days; haven't given the dog a proper walk for two years, people keep asking the wife if I 'm dead.

No dog walks meant the beer gut is impressive through lack of exercise.

Its a good job I managed to keep my sunny disposition through it all ;) Always look on the bright side is my motto. 8)

European and Other Bikes / Re: Lucer Ak3 grand sport
« on: March 22, 2018, 02:37:46 PM »
Yes I am a crusty sod, the crust comes of years in the bike trade followed by the despair at the things some folk waste time and money on.

each to his own or  à chacun son goût as the frogs say.

I am 90% that your engine is an Ydral; these engines were quit ewidely used in all sorts of vehicles from invalid trikes, to mini cars or velo moteurs in which France abounded after the war. That's the 1939-45 one not the Falklands which is about as far back as some's memory goes.
They seem to have been reliable enough units so engine stuff is possibly easier to get which is half the battle.

If you spoke/read french you could search, don't bother with ebay uk, for issues of Moto Revue or RTM revue Moto Technique which over the years covered such engines in depth, as near a manual as you'll get.

There are three dealers over there who supply spares for all sorts, their names are on here; They are OK to deal with, accept cards and paypal. Postage is a killer if its a  parcel.

I have bought lots from when the exchange rate was in our favour; never had a problem with seller or post, just check they'll send to here and take paypal first, 'cos lots don't.

Start all enquires with  "SVP Monsieur" as it helps a lot.

As was said they aren't keen on exporting their heritage, I have seen so much old shit sold to us rosbifs.

Over the years I ahve owned

1930s Terrot LST
1947 FN 450 with  the rubber suspension.
 A 250 Peugeot

a Motobecane Z22c  175cc which was a far better made bike than a tiger cub
a Motobecane Z2 125cc
a Manhurin scooter,
and numerous mopeds.

The mopeds sell readily enough to mugs here, all the others got sold/traded back to France, the best place for them.
At least yours goes. I hope you got it for nothing.
Just about all your likely problems and their answers will have arisen in the Terrot saga. You could share his patience.

That's my lot, if it offends, I don't care that's life.

I think there should be a separate section for french bikes because of my blood pressure.

1920s French flat tankers are a whole different thing.

I have a massive knee op soon, so  I think I'll dig out some of my pics of interesting french bikes and scan and post them, maybe some of the crap too.

I still got a pile of french bike mags that are destined for the binman soon.

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