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The British old bike enthusiasts are notoriously as tight as a duck's drum.

and tighter, some makes have owners even tighter than that, V******* and V *******    owners I always found worst.

back in the days when I sold a lot at jumbles, it was always the V******* parts that got nicked.

By gawd I have some tales of tight arses from my trade  days  you'd find hard to credit.

The value you put on it, 24 thousand pounds, is far in excess of its value here,so there is no chance of a sale.

Even at 2 thousand four hundred it would still be regarded as expensive.

No one in UK is interested in jap bikes of that era, hard but true.

British Bikes / Re: ES2 progress
« on: September 02, 2018, 09:28:50 AM »
Can't you make a new plumb?

British Bikes / Re: ES2 progress
« on: September 01, 2018, 10:20:37 AM »
The eccentricity is not in the mainshaft......

It's in folk who insist in keeping obsolete machines on the road while  getting some perverse enjoyment of doing so.

The bike is just knackered. ;)

For any info re WD machines the only place to go is the WD M20 forum, those guys are fanatics for detail and history.

bloody hell, I've not heard anyone say rats**t  for decades :o

Oh dear,
the only thing those engines have in common is they are made of iron and aluminium.
About as far apart as you could get.

You'll be hard put to idenitfy from google images.

Put some more of your own on. of the other side and the bits in the box.


This one had a sump

Enfields of that era have  oil in sump, like  all Enfields, also twin down tube frames.

The only SV engine of that era with that straight out exh port I can think of was Matchless, but  that's not a Matchless engine.

Somehow OK Supreme came into my head, they also used Albion boxes, and proprietry engines, if it's an OK it would be worth saving for its rarity value

As someone who has wasted enough cash on duds over the last 55 years, my sincere advice to you is don't buy this bike.

A  newcomer I would definitely advise buying a complete bike, at least that way you might get to ride it one day, whatever this one is it'll be a long term money pit.

On a headache scale, that's a really bad migraine. Could advise better if you told your budget.

That looks like a pile of copper wire scrap behind it? is it being sold from a scrap yard?

Flying Flea was the WD two stroke, not  a sidevalve. I am not even sure that bike is even a Royal Enfield Google 1936 Royal Enfield 250 to see very obvious differences, because 1936 is about its date.
If it is RE it would have been a  very mediocre bike indeed, be very careful what you pay for this basket case, it's not worth the expense.

The brown thing in the top photo is a fake.

this is the real thing

British Bikes / Re: ES2 progress
« on: August 22, 2018, 11:48:25 AM »
Get yourself to Netley or Beaulieu and find some  Ferodo old stock linings, they'll work much better, even if they are illegal asbestos.

I have a stock of linings for my Matchless, both the pink kind and woven, been buying as I see them. Even the 6inch kind get snapped up by the WD G3L lot as they need all the brakes they can use.

You can even bond your own on  using araldite under pressure and a bit of heat.

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