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Need help identifying these wheels

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I got these wheels off of my dad, which he took off of a custom chopped honda cb750. He insists that that are original honda wheels, but they have no identifying logos or text on them. Also, i could not find any pictures anywhere of any standard honda cb750s with similar rims. This has lead me to believe that they are from a differrent motorcycle and i was wondering if anyone knew the original bike they are from?

P.S - the hole in the edge of the rear rim is not original and has been added after for a side facing valve, and the original inwards facing hole has been welded up.

What does that writing say inside the brake drum on rear wheel 2 ?

Very substantial cast wheels, most makers would be proud of those.
Don't look familiar though = aftermarket. ?

I cant remeber what the writing says off of the top of my head, as i dont have the wheels to hand, but i dont think it was anything significant enough to identify them by. And yea thats a very good point, they may well be aftermarkets.

They look like aftermarket CMA '5-spoke'.

The 'writing' when enlarged I believe is "MAX DIA(meter)" (can't read the dimension) .

Thanks L.A.B. Will standard cb750 cush drive, speedo drive, brake disks etc. all fit these wheels then?


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