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hi, if you google hirondelle motorcycle you can see images. They made cycles and branched into motorcycles for a short time. Good looking bike and sold my 1000 vtr as never used and fell in love with it. Came with nova forms and has identity plates on engine and chassis and person said to use vvsc? I wanted to mot so to a standard to start with could take it on from there.  The bike has had rebuilt engine and respoked wheels and new tyres. Runs, goes in all gears(gear lever near tank which is fun) and stops. Its a shame a small part is holding it back. I know i should have researched it and maybe gone for an English bike but fell in love with it.

Any help would be great.

i have just looked through forum and seen lots of french bike problems and negative views. I know i should have done a bit of research and got a bsa but have now and want to use and have fun with.

It is all together and rebuilt engine and respoked wheels just need timing sorted to run correctly.

I would be grateful of any help or ideas.


hi, just purchased a 1950 hirondelle 125cc bike in lovely original condition. Currently in getting mot and checked over so can register. Anybody been through registering and is it easy. Also any knowledge of what engine and any source of parts? To start with need points so can get running correct but guessing hard to find. Could i change to electronic ignition if cant find points?

Any help would be great.

Regards Dan

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