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just saying hello
« on: March 07, 2018, 01:19:42 PM »
my first post, so, i'll introduce myself.
i build t250 and gt250 suzuki engines and bikes,mostly none standard like my gt285 [bored out to 58mm and +2 ts125 flat top pistons in it] and my big bang gt250 [had the crank twisted by 180 degrees and both pistons fire at the same time] and have done for years. i live in sunny derbyshire  :)
i used to do british stuff, but once the prices went stupid i started doing the little jap 250's. i have got an ajs 250 csr, but it's far from standard, i'm definitely not a rivet counter. the ajs has a disc front end [off a gt185], so it now stops better, solid state electrics with led indicators etc, a 160w alternator [think that was off a triumph] so i've now got decent lights and it charges the battery. 12v negative earth and my homemade electronic ignition, hand built wiring harness which now consists of about 8 wires going to the headlamp shell. and when i get round to it i'll be fitting an external oiltank and a tacho drive. still plenty to do, but i built it first 5 years ago and there isn't a single oil drip under it, so i got that right, using three bond instead of the dreaded red hermatite  ;D
cheers, dd.

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Re: just saying hello
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