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Identify these bikes! / Re: Barr and Stroud mystery bike
« on: April 13, 2018, 02:39:05 AM »
Ive heard said that B&S motors were very difficult to get the port timing right,and often refused to run after repair...years ago I had a Willys Knight 66 of 1930 vintage,because it had but one timing shaft,things were easy-ish.I "found" the car because I worked at Repco,and the owner had sent the motor in from the bush for overhaul,and was quoted a massive sum.......a year later the motor was still sitting in the shop,and so I found the owner and bought the car......I managed to get the reco done in stages for free....some was pretty out of the ordinary,the steel sleeves had to be flame sprayed with babbit,and ground to size....In those days Repco regularly remetalled vintage car (and diesel) big ends.....After the reco,the motor ran real well and was completely silent,but used bulk 5 gallons in a 200 mile rally.....It took a lot of miles for the motor to settle down.....I had been warned about this by the old timers at Repco.

British Bikes / Re: V2 Matchless
« on: April 12, 2018, 01:20:27 AM »
He definitely specified cam followers.......

Japanese Bikes / Re: 1967 Yamaha YM2 Rebuild
« on: April 12, 2018, 01:12:10 AM »
Just had a look in my big Chiltons ...there must be a million different models,pages of specs& WHY.....anyhoo,its always a good idea to replace capacitors ,as they fail first of any ignition components.....About that time the US legislated to prevent street bikes being stripped of electrics for offroad riding,this required complicated wiring and ignition systems that are hard for a british bike owner to figure out.

Lawnmower technology all the way..not even loop scavenge.....certainly not going to be a rocket ship.....on the bright wont be getting any speeding fines.

British Bikes / Re: V2 Matchless
« on: April 11, 2018, 04:34:21 AM »
Gone fishin?

British Bikes / Re: V2 Matchless
« on: April 11, 2018, 01:01:55 AM »
All very true,.....but if the lifters are of the JAP type,then every motor had similar dimensions,because the system was used in a SV motor as the arms are all about the same effective mentioned you can buy a complete set of newmade Indian Chief roller lifters,which would be roughly the same dimensions for about $250 can also get a set of new rollers to suit Harleys,with needle bearings ,for around $40 US....Nothing on old bikes is that difficult......I once had a 4cyl Henderson crank profile cut from plate and machined ,without having any dimensions save what could be worked out from measuring the crankcase ,and drawings in old books.......the high values of restored bikes makes this possible.......the days of buying three more bikes for spares are long gone.

before damaging the bush,check clearance,it may be ok,and will save a lot of work....Next,make sure the crank isnt bent,often happens with taper flywheels etc.....If the bush needs replacing,it will have to be line reamed with a piloted reamer in the drive side.....I notice an oil spiral,make sure any new bush doesnt have the spiral cut too close to the ends...To check compression,I would simply fit piston and barrel,and check for the puff of air coming up the transfer port,usually a "pop" too.Dont forget to oil the bush for a seal.....Crankcase compression will be low with a "mower type" crank,not a full circle one.Regards.

A friend of mine who s from Holland originally said his brother had inherited a family farm,and the barn was full of unrestored classic bikes.He took the first plane home to share in the windfall,unfortunately it turned out the barn was full of horrible mopeds....Mobylettes,Terrots,Pugeots,and other assorted rubbish,not the Nortons and Gold Stars he was expecting.He had prebooked a shipping container to bring all the "classics" he needed something else to fill it......He rang me to collect it on arrival,which I was full of old furniture and machinery.......He rang and said"Its clog making machinery"......I said " What kind of clocks ,cuckoo clocks"....No not clocks ,clogs".....

A capacitor thats easy to fit inside the flywheel is one of the little ceramic ones sold by the magneto repairers......I havent been following this lately,as the yard is turning into jungle,and just thinking about it is tiring......anyhoo    .....has the crankcase sealing been restored.....without crankcase pressure no 2stroke will start under about 3000 revs,when exhaust depression pulls mixture thru the engine.

No 2 stroke will start without crankcase compression,because air will be drawn in thru the seal in preference to the carby,and then any mixture in the case will be blown back out the seal rather than thru the transfer port....In my experience a simple test is with the head off,you should get a pulse of air in the face as the motor is slowly turned.If the puff had no force,then the seals need replacing,and the motor will be near impossible to start normally..............The strangest 2 stroke I ever struck was a Rabbit scooter with a diesel used to blow puffs of black smoke and smoke rings,because the crankcase seals were worn.Started OK though,as the fuel was squirted into the cylinder mechanically.

British Bikes / Re: Norton plunger suspension seized.
« on: March 30, 2018, 02:17:11 PM »
John Deere graders are the worst,designed to go together on the assembly line,and be completely inaccesable for field repairs to quite simple parts.

British Bikes / Re: 8 Tooth sprocket ?
« on: March 30, 2018, 02:09:01 PM »
Yeah,most Indians were belt,what about the WD Indian 500s?   Some Panthers had chain drive generators....Ive got a couple ,but all the drives were missing when I got them.....The Villiers motors also generally used a chain drive genny pre war...The smallest mag sprocket Ive seen would be JAP with 10T.

British Bikes / Re: 8 Tooth sprocket ?
« on: March 30, 2018, 04:23:13 AM »
Some Miller and Lucas generators  have mag std tapers ,a small keyed sprocket is more likely from a generator.......If it is Splitdorf,it may be from a generator drive....Indians had chain drive generators,driven from the clutch drum by a gear and chain.

British Bikes / Re: 1961 BSA C15 non starter
« on: March 28, 2018, 05:36:01 AM »
As a general rule with skew gear drives,mesh the gears approx.....then twist the housing BACKWARD until the timing is correct...TDC at point break will be about right....As its coil can use a light or a multimeter if you have one,to indicate point break.......My old grandfather had a surefire method to test spark,we wont go there,  instead thumb over plug hole,crank motor,watch timing light,you cant go wrong,light goes out as thumb is blown off plughole....

British Bikes / Re: Norton plunger suspension seized.
« on: March 26, 2018, 09:49:39 AM »
My suspension was worn,but because of spring pressure I made up a threaded puller ,and didnt attempt to drive the bits apart....You can get away with hammering Caterpillar parts with a sledgehammer,but not bikes.I also used a car spring compressor to restrain the bits as they came free of the frame......Now here a story of bike hammering......professional restorer? attacks a Matchless V twin with hammer to release the timing gear......bashes the shaft to bits,then cuts the gear and shaft endwise with a cutoff wheel.......he s been told the shaft and gear are available from the Morgan club......Anyhoo,orders shaft and gear,when it comes the shaft is the wrong length.....he s got a 1937 motor,shaft is for 1938,doesnt fit.!937 is unobtainable......customer is a outlaw bikie...not amused......

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