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I'm new here and am sorry my first contribution is to ask for help! (Although in my defence I do ride a classic bike, a 78 BMW R100RS)

I'm putting together a guide book for motorcyclists visiting Scotland and am looking for a particular type of photograph to illustrate a chapter about Scotland's relationship with motorbikes over the years, manufacturers, great racers etc
I'm trying to track down a picture of a bike (or bikes) in Scotland,but not in a competition. There are a good number of pre-war Trials pictures around but I'd prefer something recreational, rather than competitive. I've found the attached which would be perfect but I can't establish the copyright situation so can't use it.  :-[

I wonder if any of you lot have a photograph in your possession which would suit, and for which you know the copyright implications. i.e. know who took it and how to contact a member of the family, or the copyright holder - and most importantly which you'd allow me to use.
A prize to anyone who can help me out (although I don't know what the prize is yet!).  Even if you can't help, it's a chance to share the picture below.

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