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Interesting! Both on the copyright question and the bikes.

I'm tempted to use it, and can now put a meaningful caption beneath it.  Many thanks.

If I can find out where the picture was taken, I'll report back.


I'll look into that, although "author" seems a rather grand word for what I'm doing! I'd never heard of them so thanks for the pointer.

I wonder how commercial photo archives can claim ownership of photographs which must be out of copyright (under normal circumstances). For instance John Boyd Dunlop tested his prototype tyre in 1886, so the photograph has to be clear by now ... yet a licence to use it in a book costs hundreds of pounds.



Good spot with the Tax discs.

So .... Lets say the picture was taken in 1924.
Copyright in the UK expires 70 years the death of the photographer (roughly speaking), so if the photographer died on the way home from the photoshoot, the image would be out of copyright
in 1995.

Therefore, as long as he (or she) died within 23 years of the picture being taken, copyright has expired (like the photographer). And WW2 increases the chances of an early demise.
I don't wish the chap any harm, but I'm encouraged.




I'm impressed with the bike identification but you're way out with the fags. They're clearly Capstan. 

Best guess on a date?

 Here's a bigger version (I hope). Any info on bikes, dates or brand of fags would be welcome.  A special prize if anyone can tell me the location!


I'm new here and am sorry my first contribution is to ask for help! (Although in my defence I do ride a classic bike, a 78 BMW R100RS)

I'm putting together a guide book for motorcyclists visiting Scotland and am looking for a particular type of photograph to illustrate a chapter about Scotland's relationship with motorbikes over the years, manufacturers, great racers etc
I'm trying to track down a picture of a bike (or bikes) in Scotland,but not in a competition. There are a good number of pre-war Trials pictures around but I'd prefer something recreational, rather than competitive. I've found the attached which would be perfect but I can't establish the copyright situation so can't use it.  :-[

I wonder if any of you lot have a photograph in your possession which would suit, and for which you know the copyright implications. i.e. know who took it and how to contact a member of the family, or the copyright holder - and most importantly which you'd allow me to use.
A prize to anyone who can help me out (although I don't know what the prize is yet!).  Even if you can't help, it's a chance to share the picture below.

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