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Identify these bikes! / Help identify Coventry Eagle, 1928 or 1929?
« on: August 02, 2018, 07:15:52 PM »
28 year old cub here, completely new on this forum but indeed passionate for the hobby.

Iíve found myself a Coventry Eagle with frame number 42529 on the typical CE "bridge" between the front and rear of the frame. Reportedly it is a 1929 with JAP ohv 350cc. The engine that came with it is a 2 port 350 OHV from 1929, marked S.

Iím having a real hard time finding what the 1929 350 ohv looked like. Some literature say it looked like the 1930 and some more like the 1928. Iíve read that 1929 was the first year with Webb's fork and JAP 350 ohv 2-port but Iíve seen the fork on 1928s. All and all the literature Iíve found so far is scanty and I would love pictures of similar bikes and ofc getting in contact with other CE owners so that I can restore it correctly.

Help me find out what this bike looked like and if I have an engine with one exhaust pipe too much. Pictures below (The gas tank on the pictures is from a Montgomery and has nothing to do with the bike).

Greetings from Stockholm

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