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Identify these bikes! / Re: Help identify Coventry Eagle, 1928 or 1929?
« on: August 10, 2018, 06:47:43 AM »
Some feedback to all of you.

My swedish papers says my motorcycle is a 1929 and the engine number on the papers correspond with that. In Coventry Eagle terms the letter "E" means 1929.
Regarding the frame numbers, 40000-43000 should be from something like 1928-1930. For example, on Bonham's, a 1928 "Flying 8" has been sold with frame number 40200 and a 1929 with frame number "41507".
My model is by all likelihood a "E44 Sports Model" from 1929 with a twin port 350 JAP OHV without the rocker cover. That means my engine is correct aside from the cylinder head which would've been correct for a "Flying 350" or "Model E46".
The model specification from the 1929 Olympia Show - abridged sales catalogue confirms that the single tubular frame was used for this model and it also tells us that 1929 is the year when the "triangulated tubular frame" arrives for the "Flying 350" If I'm not wrong, that frame was later on used on all the four stroke models until 1937.
I've also learned that 1929 was the first year with the shorter and more cluttered tank and that was coated in black, carmine and cream in between (yummy!)

I will post the pictures below of the two models (E44 and E46).

Thanks alot to everyone for being kind and helping me out and greetings from Swedenland!

Identify these bikes! / Re: Help identify Coventry Eagle, 1928 or 1929?
« on: August 04, 2018, 12:49:47 PM »
Hi Micke,
if anyone is selling a top without the rocker cover, Iím buying it

I think you mean the "dog ear" type head ?
They are rare and very expensive
Pete's bike's had a complete engine at Stafford in April.

I would not it it worry me about the engine date, the J.A.P 1929 year production started in August /September 1928
Who knows what CE threw together for export ::) ::)


Thanks John. No not the dog ear engine. Just a pre 1929 350 ohv cylinder head without the rocker cover plate and 1 port, should look something like the one in the attached pic!


Identify these bikes! / Re: Help identify Coventry Eagle, 1928 or 1929?
« on: August 03, 2018, 09:48:16 PM »
Hi Michael,

Nice project.

We seem to talk about Coventry Eagles quite a lot here: use the search box at the top to have a look at older discussions. For example have a look at where we discussed 1928-29-30 models.

42529 as a Coventry Eagle frame number seems to be more 1928 than 1929, and your frame is of the earlier type with the gearbox mounted from the top, and bolt-on stays from the bottom of the gearbox plates to the lugs dangling down from the frame near the rear axle.

The 1928 models at the Olympia Show in October 1927 included a sports 350 to this spec. The attached illustration from The Motor Cycle shows the 500 - a bit different from your bike with curved front down tube and Brampton (?) fork. But note comments in earlier discussions about Cov Eagle - small firm with varying specification that depended on what old stuff was lying around the factory at the time.



Thanks alot for this info and the picture! Iíve read the older thread (and I will try the search function next time). Iíve spent some time studying the frame and Iím pretty sure its a 1928, model D, I have. The model E or 1929 seems to be the first bike with the 30ís look. The frame differs alot in angle between the lower and upper frame pipes near the rear wheel. There is also a second headstock support tube from the lower part of the headstock casting back horizontally to the upper main tube (under the tank) on model F or 1930. Iím not sure if the 1929 had this.
So, my engine is perhaps too new for this bike so if anyone is selling a top without the rocker cover, Iím buying it  :)

Is ĒThe Motor cycleĒ anywhere on the internet?


Identify these bikes! / Re: Help identify Coventry Eagle, 1928 or 1929?
« on: August 02, 2018, 09:50:26 PM »
I know its probably stating the obvious, but have you had a look at the reproduction sales stuff ?

A lot of folks might say to just restore what you have, and then defend it from all the "experts" ?!

That looks like a dommie crankshaft rolling around there... ?

Thank you, sir! I just ordered the 1928 and 1929 catalogue. As I wrote Iím a rookie so you stating the obvious was very helpful. I will look there next time :)

Yeah it might be, it is not my workshop. The label says M7 so perhaps you are right. That and alot of other stuff is probably for sale.

Thanks again!


Identify these bikes! / Help identify Coventry Eagle, 1928 or 1929?
« on: August 02, 2018, 07:15:52 PM »
28 year old cub here, completely new on this forum but indeed passionate for the hobby.

Iíve found myself a Coventry Eagle with frame number 42529 on the typical CE "bridge" between the front and rear of the frame. Reportedly it is a 1929 with JAP ohv 350cc. The engine that came with it is a 2 port 350 OHV from 1929, marked S.

Iím having a real hard time finding what the 1929 350 ohv looked like. Some literature say it looked like the 1930 and some more like the 1928. Iíve read that 1929 was the first year with Webb's fork and JAP 350 ohv 2-port but Iíve seen the fork on 1928s. All and all the literature Iíve found so far is scanty and I would love pictures of similar bikes and ofc getting in contact with other CE owners so that I can restore it correctly.

Help me find out what this bike looked like and if I have an engine with one exhaust pipe too much. Pictures below (The gas tank on the pictures is from a Montgomery and has nothing to do with the bike).

Greetings from Stockholm

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