Author Topic: Monet Goyon Identification  (Read 9838 times)

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Re: Monet Goyon Identification
« Reply #45 on: October 05, 2018, 09:14:58 AM »
 The first Nortons used French engines.
Motobecane were once among the largest bike manufacturers in the world, and were a damn site more successfull than american tractor makers.

in usa theres an amca judge who reels info on indians fairly regularly , usually hes wrong but hes still an amca judge .

Incomprehensible phrase, but I thought you were a septic all along.

Which explains your ignorance of anything east of Florida.

So if you think my information re this bike is wrong, please elucidate and correct me.

Your "Monet Goya" I just assumed was your normal ungrammatical ill spelt illiterate american usage of our mother tongue, as over here we tend to make allowances for your lack of education.
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