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Dude, you really need to downsize your pictures. All I can see in most of them is a back wheel.
Bro no.. absolutely no way.
How old is this website?
Throughout all these years, if not more than a decade, the owner of this website could easily scrape some $$ to pay some programmer to code him a promt to automatically re-size all the uploaded images, but instead its me who's to blame and shame, right?
Sorry not sorry.
Also, all the modern websites already have the option to upload images directly from the computer/phone gallery, but here we still do this ancient HTML looking a** code inserts with a link to an image in between.
This website desperately needs a heavy update bro..

Yo dudes!
Long time no see
The last post i wrote here was back in 2019! 
Today, I have something new for you!
I fully and completely restored this pretty rare soviet scooter I bought back in late 2019 (right after I finished my previous restoration project).
It was a hell of a journey to get it back running, buying parts and fix the body panels!
But in the end, i got it right, and you can see it yourself:

P.S it's now for sale!
Hit me up if you are interested!

Christian, you could try R K Leighton, Motorcycle Seats here in the UK,  They have been making covers and seats for many years and really know their business. They may already have a pattern for your seat, if not they will still be able to do the job but may need the old cover to copy.
REgards, Mark

thank you so much for letting me know!
i will definitely check their site!
but luckily i do have the old cover, and my friend is going to make the seat cover for me for free :D he also has years of experience in cover making

What a lovely motorcycle (and sidecar!) Just the seat to do, but you obviously have the skills,
Now to enjoy it I hope?!
REgards, Mark

Sadly, i have all the skills, but making seat covers! lol :D


Hi Christian,

I love it - I hope you are enjoying it. Well done.


Yes i will ;)

I posted this bike here almost 5 years ago.
Can you imagine how much energy, motivation, dedication, time, blood, sweat and money i invested in it?
now it paid off having this beauty by my side! 
Now i know so much about this brand!! my braing is like a god damn library of technical info, hints and short-cuts about anything Pannonia related :D

European and Other Bikes / Re: PANNONIA T-5 1968 MY LATEST PROJECT
« on: July 22, 2017, 08:12:19 AM »
Striking colors,very pretty.Soft seats are for decadent capitalists.

I've lost ma shit! :D
"Soft seats are for decadent capitalists"

European and Other Bikes / Re: PANNONIA T-5 1968 MY LATEST PROJECT
« on: June 02, 2017, 11:59:38 PM »
That looks nice.
Don't know about the seat, could be a bit hard on your bum.

I am waiting for the seat covering from my friend. and it is going to be the last thing on this bike to put on. then it is entirely done

European and Other Bikes / PANNONIA T-5 1968 MY LATEST PROJECT
« on: June 02, 2017, 09:02:49 PM »
Hello guys!
Hope you do well!
Here is my beautiful Pannonia T5 i have finally finished! it took me years to restore (during my university studies)
but the result is up to your appreciation!

Hey amigo! I know you! you wrote under my youtube video about a couple of parts you are in need for this Pannonia! you still need them? I am waiting for your response!

Hello everyone!
Didn't enter this website for a while. But now, i have a surprise for you!
I had a unique chance to touch such beautiful piece of the soviet engineering!
IJ or in russian (ИЖ) -56, the initials "56" shows you the year of production, i mean the year when the first IJ-56 went on the roads from the factory  ;D

An nice guy called me one day. He said he wanted to restore his lovely IJ-56. Well, i said why not!  ;D
But after, he dropped a phrase which destroyed me: THE CHEAPEST RESTORATION POSSIBLE!
Well.. i was confused, because only the original handlebar for this motorcycle was almost 50 euro, it is for one in bad condition!!  and not only expensive! but it is goddamn RARE!
So.. he hit an arrow right in my Ahiles heel... i was in strong need of money.. i had to move to UK soon, so i had no chance to make enough money for my journey, in a short period of time... than only to take this project and work as fast as i could!
So! this is the motorcycle I received on the first day!:

AND! THIS IS THE RESULT OF AN ENTIRE YEAR OF WORK! (also while graduating university ;D )

The link to the photo album of the restoration process on my facebook page:

The link to my YouTube channel where you will find VIDEOS about the IJ's restoration process!

European and Other Bikes / Re: One and only Panninia TLF 250 DE LUX 1958
« on: January 23, 2015, 01:19:01 PM »
unfortunetly I need to sell me baby. Do you know how much I can get for my bike. Pannonia TLF 250 de lux 1958 more 95% original parts and all documents. Bike is in Poland but I will bring it if I will find a buyer.

Nice One! sure! you can sell it for 3000 or 4000 euros i think.. does it have an sidecar?

nice , any german bikes left about over there ? where are you
amm... about german motorcycles, in my country there are very rare but prices are... cheap too  ;D ;D
And some cheap-price ancient russian motorcycles isn't a harley  :D it is a first model of motorcycle "Minsk" called K-125  .. IT'S ONE OF THE RAREST MODEL OF URAL! called M-61, Great machine, i had drove on machine like this, and it was awesome..  .. and it's a unpolished brilliant for many moto-collectors from my country, motorcycle is called - Ij-49, indestructible two-stroke machine   

thats a problem in the UK , they dont seam to go for long as standard (some as low as 9000 miles before majory work required ) and we do not rebuild them as a rule because of very poor resale value , on ebay over here tax and mot Ural outfits offten appear @ 800 , so many just got scrapped , i read they where built for off road feild work , the roads over here just arnt that bad , maybe you buy them from here and take them back
;D it is not a good method for us, in my country prices for sovietic parts and motorcycles are very cheap, (in many cases we can find spare parts for RARE machines for cheap price, if these parts are sold by an old man ;D)  I just can show you some sovietic motorcycles which are for sale at the moment on most popular sales site in my country, like american ebay.

P.S. 1000 mdl = 74.4 usd

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