Author Topic: UK Fine Art Photographer needs volunteer classic/vintage bikes in the Derby area  (Read 2938 times)


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Hello folks,

First off, this is not an advert selling anything - I need some help!

I am a fine art photographer based in Derby in the UK and I am looking for a couple of somewhat local volunteers who are happy to have their bikes photographed and the images used in my portfolio and for advertising (my own) purposes. In return I am happy to offer the owners of the bikes concerned a free print approximately A3 sized on fine art paper that you can get mounted and framed.

Here is what I am trying to do:-

I want to create a series of images of classic/vintage bikes against a background of sunset/sunrise over parts of the British Countryside as well as some against a black or white plain backdrop taken to emphasise the colour and texture of the bikes concerned. The images will be created using a combination of modern 40megapixel digital medium format cameras and a traditional 4x5inch sheet film camera as well as the relevant lighting etc - very similar to many of the magazine cover images you will have seen. If this exercise is successful I plan to start offering commissions for fine art images of classic/vintage/exotic bikes etc at a later date but this request is for help with a trial as mentioned above.

Ideally I need 3 or 4 volunteers for images to be taken at different locations to be agreed to suit whoever can help, if I get more than 4 volunteers then i am willing to discuss things further but outside of the forum in deference to its rules.

My own use of the resulting images will be to promote my photographic portfolio and to illustrate the results on my website as examples of what is possible, I am happy to reference the owners of the bikes in these cases or not as you prefer.

If this sounds interesting please email me at and we can discuss things further - ideally include a picture of your bike in the email so that I can get an idea of the visuals.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this , I hope someone can help me out
Kind Regards
Andrew Gilbert