Author Topic: Bitsa, but has anyone seen it before?  (Read 1910 times)

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Bitsa, but has anyone seen it before?
« on: September 25, 2014, 05:43:33 PM »
Can anyone help with any knowledge of a strange old Ďbitsaí, trials motorbike Iím playing with?
Itís registered as a DMW and the square section frame would suggest that it started out as one.
The back end has been modified to support a Royal Enfield swinging arm and wheel. Itís thought the frame may have originally had a solid or plunger rear end. Itís got two rear sprockets bolted together, but I canít see the point as it would be impossible to run a chain on the smaller due to it being against the larger.
The front also has Royal Enfield forks and wheel.
The engineís a pre í63 Tiger cub unit, although the carb's a 1930s Amal.
The petrol tankís probably also from an Enfield, but itís been cut and welded and a separate oil tank formed at the back end. Most DMWs were 2-stroke if I recall correctly.
Thereís a natty little chain oiler using one of the rear frame sections.
The registration is, I believe, Carlisle, although I was told it came from Newcastle.
Someoneís obviously spent a tremendous amount of time and effort in putting it together and Iím wondering if itís got an interesting history.