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European and Other Bikes / Re: Lucer Ak3 grand sport
« on: March 22, 2018, 10:00:32 AM »
Another delicate one who want his hand held.

What you got from me was the hard truth,and incidentally some sensible help if you bothered with the links? I think your engine is more likely an Ydral now, and if you search for info about Ydral you'll get some more.

What on earth makes you think this site and this country is awash with obscure french bikes? its not, despite the efforts of  various chancers importing van loads of french tat to Kempton and ebay?

I have had quite a few decent french bikes through my hands and am well aware of the difficulties and expense involved in owning them, and that was when I made regular trips to France and had many contacts over there.

If you don't speak/read french you are even more up against it,  mon petit chou. a bientot fleur.

I blame Brexit and Macroneroon.

Autojumble / Re: Wanted, Dolls head gearbox
« on: March 17, 2018, 12:52:05 PM »
you'd be better off asking on the WD 16H site, or the WDM20 site.

or here

these boxes are nearly always 90% knackered or have broken lugs.

this  magazine carries the only kind of workshop manual the french had at that time.

page 29 et seq covers MT1, they are quite good articles.

Bon chance is all I can say now.

After looking at some of the french pages I am wondering if, although there is a spark, and you think you have timed it correctly is there any chance the actual flywheel is not opposite handed?

I see the NOS one for sale is for a left hand rotation, and another page makes mention of the direction of rotation for these bikes as "gauche"; so it would seem there are RH versions?

do you know if this bike was run by previous owner at all?  was the french owner glad to see the back of it?

don't ask me how to determine which is which.

even more here



Constant fiddling with ignition timing is a waste of time. If it won't start on 6mm it won't start on 8 or whatever,

the french spec sheet says 5mm but I think you are barking up the wrong tree,also it might take days not over night for the excess fuel in the sump to evaporate.
I'll drill and tap crankcase  for a small drain plug after I take delivery of it.

replacement points for magneto france on

chambrier has three different sets on offer

macadam deux roues has two sets. and one complete volant magnetique NOS 90

anyhow ,cash waiting

final offer, 125.

Non starter no problem, I'll get it running. :o

Regardless of the make of bike in this thread  the adverts that claim "rarest of the rare!!!"  "only a few made !!!!!" "one of only three known survivors" before going on to price it at some astronomical price do give me a lot of enjoyment.

Its like that chum because it was a pile of poo when new and were lousy sellers.
One reason I enjoy reading ebay ads is for the amusement.

Terrot were renowned for some quite good in their day 4 strokes, up to 500cc; there were lots of two strokers around in France back then to chose from,possibly they went to makers with more of a reputation for their smokers? Or cheap, the french are famous tightwads.

From my own experiences with buying french bikes in france I can tell you that if it had any kind of desirability they would not have sold it to us Rosbifs; I have personal experience of being asked an inflated price for a bike because of that,they don't want to export their best stuff and  they are well aware of the  absurd prices being paid for bikes here.

My offer of 100 still stands ;) ;)

excessive smoke points to my idea about fuel in sump?

British Bikes / Re: Triumph Tiger 90 Piston Rings / Pushrod Tubes
« on: March 15, 2018, 01:09:26 PM »
The idea of those seals is that they should swell up when in contact with oil.

any kind of sealant prevents that and is the sign of an amateur. Don't do it.

Incidentally no Triumph should leak oil if properly put together; In the 1960s/early 70s I prepared Triumphs for the ISDT/ Welsh 3 day etc

It was a point of honour with me that they all came back oil tight, only oil  stains came from the rear chains.

Your problem is the quality of replacement seals and gaskets, get the best only.

In my youth I have started a carb-less Bantam with a hanfudl of petrol soaked rag held over the inlet; it was enough to get some encouraging bangs.

If you get beaten by a decent french floozie it costs a lot.

I'll give you 100 for it. ;)

As an after thought this sounds quite like the old Bantam problem of the crankcase filling with excess fuel; they used to have a drain plug in the case for just that reason. Sound to me, especially as its carb,in my opinion quite unsuited to the bike, could simply be flooding the crankcase thats why it starts again after standing for a couple days.
When it does start do you get a lot more smoke? that'd be the remaining oil burning.

No one ever got their money back from a bike restoration, whether a Manx or a moped, although plenty thought they would make a fortune.
That's why I gave up restoring bikes in 1984, just got fed up with speculators moaning they could not double their money.

To be brutally frank, 2400 is 2k too much for a mundane 1950s french bike. Regardless of how much you spent on it or how well it was done.

The only way to make money on old french bikes is to fill up a van with them in France and knock them out at Kempton to folk who know no better.

Sorry if it offends, but that's it.

As for non starting two strokes I once took as a trade-in one of those horrid CZ  things; the guy rode it to my shop,rode away on a very nice T90 and I am damned if I ever got that damn CZ to start ever again, it had spark fuel compression, in the end Idecided my time could be better spent and weighed it in.

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